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Oil pot


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The Oil Pot is a clay pot filled with highly flammable oils that will burst into fire upon breaking. Excellent to use against persistent shield users as it cannot be blocked.[1]

Can also be used to flush the opponent away from its current position. The oilpot is a Damage on time weapon that will cause up to 35 damage of the opponents health regardless for armour type since its damage type is generic. And because of the fact that this is a Damage over time weapon, it can be used to delay the King's health regeneration.[1]

Considering that it does 35 damage independent of armor, it can be argued that Oil Pots are most effective on the Knight and Vanguard, as the damage goes through their higher class resistances without penalty.

Equiping and Oil pot cost a players shield which will force them to parry or dodge instead of blocking.

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