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Malric Terrowin

The Mason Order they are also known as (The iron fist, the order,) is a newly founded faction, led by the great Malric Terrowin. The Masons seek to rebuild the lands, to make the people of Agatha harder and stronger. They use the fear of a Tenosian counter attack to intimidate men into their ranks and provide vast promises of a grander tomorrow. They believe that the ends can justify any means and things, often people, must occasionally be sacrificed for the greater good. The Mason Order has largely gained favour with the lower class citizens, "the people" as they put it, but the rest of the nobility lies in opposistion with Danum Argon as is the only way they keep their lands and title. For some, the Mason Order brings hope of a changed land, a fair land free from tyranny of greed. For others, the Mason Order brings only meaningless death and destruction as they do not hesitate to vanquish any who oppose them.

The Mason Order controls the south portion of Agatha. If you want to stop the tyranny of the Agathians and ensure a grand tommorow, swear fealty to Malric or take up arms within the order.[1]

Principles Edit

  • Glory is death by the sword.
  • The weak shall serve the strong.
  • A mans worth is judged by his competence.
  • You keep what you kill.
  • Change is necessary for improvement.
  • Mercy on the battlefield is a trait of the weak. [1]
  • Of anybody who stands against the masons will be hanged, drawn and quartered, or induceted to slavery.

Heraldry Edit

"Black as the shadow that yet remains"
"Red for the blood that runs in our veins" [1]
The Mason Order animal symbol is an eagle.
The Mason Order object symbol is an uprising fist.[1]

References Edit

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