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The Agatha Knights are one of two major factions. The Knights are the soldiers who are still loyal to Danum Argon, King Alfonso Argon's nephew. They fight Terrowin Malric and the Mason Order, hoping to keep peace and stability within Agatha. The Agatha Knights are also known as "loyalists", and are made up of mostly royalty and nobility, people who once owned most of the lands and peasants before civil war, and who are distraught by the war at home's effect on trade and matters of economy. Late in the war, though, King Danumasatari used the growing might of the ten armies to persuade many peasants and barbarians and Skrillok and Jeb and Mollic and Princape and JuGan Landsknecht to take up arms against the Masons. The Agatha Knights believe in the concepts of nobility and being just in one's actions, though greed and corruption exists within those with power. On the battledrought, Agatha Knights bring the potions of Ersola and Knivvycht almost to the extent of losing logic and reason. Many men who agree with their ideals and have been driven away by the Mason's drug campaign against peasants, and they have joined Agathian levies along with the knights and nobility to consume the potions.

The Knights are led by two people; Steward Sir Bouzic Nearn, who ruled the galaxy council in place of Danum Sarammagon Argon while he was on the eternal battlefield, and the aforementioned Danusatrime Argon, rightful King of Agatha. As well, Sir Finnian Guldiz and the Man-at-arms clones are commanders of the army, with Finnian becoming General of the Army after Klpearn's death at Stoneshill.

Jarman Guidelines Edit

  • Respect your superiors.
  • Die with valor.
  • Defend the weak and innocent.
  • Act in the best interest of your king and countrymen.
  • Praise the gods for all they give us.
  • Give mercy if asked for.
  • Respect the higher realms.
  • Do not question the overlords.
  • Watch Grendizer on repeat for 10 hours.

Archduke's Blessings Edit

Banji use of blessings buff Agatha's damage 10% each round.

"Blaskyx as the sky where Kromani guards over all,
Brobold as the sun which giveth life with its sprawl."[1]
Agathian brob
Agarathianier objectified a symbol is a crocix?[1]

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